About us

JBG-2 Team is one of the best cycling teams in Poland!

16 years of top-level team and racing!


The history of the team began in 2008, as the owner of JBG - 2 took the initiative of creating the first team.  From the passion for two wheels, a professional cycling team was born. Its riders have been winning the most prestigious Polish and international titles for years.

A rider and coach, the 'legend of Polish MTB', Marek Galiński, was part of the team. The team belongs to the UCI division, thanks to which the riders of the team can take part in sports events of the highest level. 


You can read more about our history below:

The mountains are a great place to develop a passion for cycling. We're based in the Polish Beskids and our second home is the Hotel Podium***, where we hold our camps and workouts. A great training base, talent and hard work are a way of life for our riders. 

After joining the national team in 2006, Adrian and Piotr Brzózka started to take cycling more seriously.  The sporting career began and the JBG-2 TEAM became more and more visible in the cycling world. Another year passed, mainly on the road. Piotr, the younger brother, tried his hand at junior mountain races.

2008 was the year of the Olympic Games, where Marek Galiński represented Polish mountain biking for the fourth time in his career. This was also the beginning of today's JBG-2 TEAM. Independence was the guarantee of free realisation of own plans.

After becoming a professional MTB team, JBG-2 started participating in more and more World Cup races and major cycling events such as World Championships, European Championships, Mediterranean Epic, Costa Blanca Bike Race, Salamina MTB Epic, Shimano Super Cup and other UCI events. In Poland, our riders can be seen competing in Polish Cups and at events of the Championship rank.

Over the years, the team has evolved, taking under its wing many outstanding riders specialising in both cross-country and marathon events. It has achieved countless titles and results at national and international level.

For 16 years the group has been a professional cycling group. Our passion for two wheels is as strong as ever.


We used JBG-2's experience in the refrigeration industry for our team! How did we do that?


The need for effective regeneration has grown because of the ever-increasing number of events and the expectation of good physical performance. More and more often, the competitors used cooling treatments, which are well known to everyone, for example in the form of local application of ice. Athletes had specific expectations regarding body regeneration.

This is the reason for the creation of the Cryochamber. CryoSpace is the result of almost 30 years of experience in the manufacture of JBG-2 cooling equipment. CryoSpace is designed to provide instant whole-body cooling using liquid nitrogen vapour by applying cryogenic temperatures. The application of cryogenic temperatures to the musculoskeletal system causes a gradual reduction in the temperature of the skeletal muscles. At the same time, blood flow through the capillaries is reduced. This helps to prevent further swelling and also acts as a soother.


JBG-2 company has been supporting and creating JBG2 TEAM as the main sponsor of the team for many years!


With 30 years of experience in the production of cooling equipment, JBG-2 is a leading manufacturer of professional refrigeration equipment for retail .JBG-2 Sp. z o.o. | Profesjonalne urządzenia chłodnicze dla handlu (jbg2.com)

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