About us

JBG-2 Team is one of the best cycling groups in Poland!


The mountains guarantee great conditions for developing a passion for cycling. Talent and hard work are a way of life for our players. Adrian and Piotr Brzózka started to take cycling more seriously with the entry to the national team in 2006.

The sporting career began, and the JBG2 Team was more and more visible in the cycling world. Another year passed mainly on road racing. The younger of the brothers Piotr tried his strength in the junior mountain races.

The year 2008 was primarily the Olympic Games, where Marek Galiński for the fourth time in his career represented Polish mountain biking. This is also the beginning of today's JBG2 team. A group of JBG2 APC Presmet Team was supervised at the Lechia Piechowice football club supervised by Michał Krawczyk. Independence was the guarantee of free implementation of own plans.

After the change in JBG2 Team Professional MTB Team, more and more often the team appeared at the World Cup races and large sporting events. We can mention  major starts, such as the Swiss Bike Cup in Switzerland, Bundesliga in Germany and the Skoda Auto Grand Prix MTB.

Due to the increasingly richer starting program and the expectations of good body efficiency, the need for effective regeneration has increased. The competitors more and more often used cooling treatments, which are known to everyone, for example in the form of local application of ice. The competitors had specific expectations as to the regeneration of the body

And that is the reason why cryochamber was created. CryoSpace was created based on almost 30 years of experience in the manufacturer of JBG2 cooling devices. CryoSpace is designed to provide immediate cooling for the whole body using the vapour of liquid nitrogen via exposure to cryogenic temperatures. The application of cryogenic temperatures on the muscular system induces a gradual decline in the temperature of the skeletal muscles and simultaneously decreases the blood flow via the capillaries. This prevents from further swelling and causes simultaneously a soothing effect.


JBG-2 company has been supporting and creating JBG2 TEAM as the main sponsor of the team for many years!


With 30 years of experience in the production of cooling equipment, JBG-2 is a leading manufacturer of professional refrigeration equipment for retail .JBG-2 Sp. z o.o. | Profesjonalne urządzenia chłodnicze dla handlu (jbg2.com)

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