Costa Blanca Bike Race

Costa Blanca Bike Race was a good start to the season. With 4-day stage race on the coast of Spain struggled almost 600 starters. Race UCI allows puntów gain qualifications Games attracted athletes from world leaders. Adrian Brzózka and Anton Sintsov finished struggle in 5th place, and Tomasz Piotr Brzózka Drożdż at 16. 17 crew […]


Polish Cup cross-country in Katowice

Jacek Brzózka won the second place among the masters in the cross country race Polish Cup in Katowice coming to the finish for Slawomir Frejowskim. The elite Wojciech Halejak came as 8. Tomasz Drożdż 11. Mariusz Michalek 19. In the Valley of 3 Ponds prosecution it was truly winter.


“XCO will soon be as F1”

Interview with Piotr Brzózka for mtb-xc.pl: “Contrary to appearances, we do not train after 4 hours a trainer is suggesting is that our competitors sitting nice and warm in Spain and turns kilometers.”


“An hour in hell”

“An hour in hell” Wojtek Halejak survived as 4. Polish Cup cross-country in Pulawy: 1. Marceli Bogusławski 2. Bartosz Pilis 3. Karol Michalski  4. Wojciech Halejak 5. Patryk Kostecki


Red train 2015

This season JBG2 Team made a very valuable new achievements. It was created a unique added value which definitely distinguished team “on the market” mountain biking. They saw this race commentators and fans using the term “red train” to describe our team. Behind this, both the potential and the achievements of individual players, as well […]


Roc d’Azur #2

The next race in the festival Roc d’Azur distance of 56 km faced a record number of 5,200 athletes. Among them, the winner was Victor Koretzk. Perfectly fared representatives JBG2 Team: 10. Adrian Brzózka17. Piotr Brzózka23. Mariusz Kozak25. Patryk Piasecki 27. Wojtek Halejak 56. Tomasz Drożdż It was a unique end of the season.


Roc d’Azur – Canyon Roc Marathon

Roc d’Azur is a real celebration of cycling. Crowds at the start, full of fans, really challenging route, sun, mud, rocks, and of the most difficult opponents – that is, everything you need. At the end of the season worthy of the French elite race they took off all our players. Unfortunately, Adriana Brzózka, which […]


Red Cup final in Polish marathon!

  Wojciech Halejak was the best player of the final race of the Polish Cup marathon winning at the finish with Mariusz Kozak. Patryk Piasecki on the 3rd lap while driving with teammates caught a flat tire and lost four minutes, as the finish line did not have to make up. On the run he […]