Another medal Championship Polish for Wojtek Halejak


Wojciech Halejak won a bronze medal in the Polish Championships XCO!

Race Gielniowie showed how much you can earn by fighting to the last lap. Coming on the 2nd pozyji caught rubber cost Wojtek several places and valuable time. However, “step by step” tried to catch up, in which a large part had a great cheering fans. On the lap before the finish gave this thankless fourth place. Then, riding in front of our player Marcin Kawelec had a defect, thereby Wojtek was on the position of the medal! The defect greatly hampered the start, but it is certainly a race to remember.

Wojtek on the podium together with Bartholomew Wawakiem (Kross Racing Team) and Maciej Jeziorskim (Romet Racing Team).
The fourth player was Tomasz Drożdż. Mariusz Michalek arrived at 7, Mariusz Kozak 13.

Bravely powalczył also Jacek Brzózka. The first circle began the second position in the masters category III. Unfortunately, he refused further obedience to the rear wheel cylinder and a half round to the buffet defeated biegeiem cost drop for 3rd place.
After another lap, but we had a promotion back to 2, the same silver medal in the Polish Championships!
Polish Championships could not miss Password #JustDoYourJob, in the end everybody symbolically rode for Marek Galinski.

Result: elite men

Wojtek relation to

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